Pipe & Tank Wrap Insulation

FLEXnWRAP is the ideal solution for insulating large diameter pipes and tanks, providing both a clean professional finish with a high level of thermal and sound insulation.

Available in both mineral fibre or glass fibre insulation which gives the customer
the option of selecting the best product for the application.

Construction is from 1” to 5” (in 1/2” increments) thickness of mineral fibre or glass fibre insulation; the grain of the fibres is perpendicular to the facing and cut every three inches to facilitate wrapping.

The insulation is then hot bonded under pressure and temperature to a flexible facing of either FSK, ASJ or Glassmat.

Finished product is nominally forty eight inches wide and oered in standard or
custom length rolls to minimize waste and for ease of installations.

A superior product is offered due to our automated bonding technique that
ensures even adhesion, thus eliminating the drying and adhesion problems which are commonly associated with liquid adhesives used by our competitors.

Both edges are trimmed to make it easier to obtain a tighter fit on installation.

Our FSK faced mineral fibre FLEXnWRAP has a flame spread and smoke developed index of 5 & 10 when tested to CAN - ULC - S102.

Ordering Information: Orders for standard length rolls are normally shipped from stock within 24 hrs, with custom lengths available within 48 hrs.

Since our discount schedule is based on volume, please contact us for information on prices and terms.


Typical Characteristics for Mineral Wool are:

  • ASTM C 411 - Maximum service temperature - 1200ºF (consult factory for operation at temperatures over 400ºF.
  • ASTM E 136 - Material behavior @ 1382ºF - Non Combustible
  • UL 723/(ASTM E 84) - Surface burning characteristics - Flame Spread = 0 - Smoke Developed = 0
  • Thermal conductivity - <0.25Btu/in/hr. ºF.ft|2 @ 100ºF mean.
  • ASTM C 518 - R-value @ 75ºF - 4.2/inch
  • ASTM C 356 - Linear shrinkage - <2% @ 1200ºF
  • ASTM C 1104 - Moisture sorption - <0.01%
  • ASTM C 665 - Corrosiveness to Steel - Passed
  • Density - (Nominal) - 4lb./cubic ft.

NOTE: above characteristics are manufacturers published specications for material testing with the bres oriented parallel to the testing surfaces; the fibres in FLEXnWRAP are oriented vertically.

Typical Characteristics for Foil/Scrim/Kraft (FSK) are:

  • UL723/(ASTM E 84) - Surface burning characteristics - Flame spread = 5 (foil side), 25 (paper side) - Smoke Developed = 0 (foil side, 10 (paper side)
  • ASTM D774 - Burst Strength - 40psi
  • ASTM C665 - Mold and Mildew resistance - no growth of organism
  • Humidity resistance - no growth of organism
  • ASTM C1136 - Tensile strength (mach. direction) - 40lb/inch
  • ASTM C1136 - Tensile strength (cross. direction) - 25lb/inch
  • ASTM D1790 - Temperature Resistance / -40ºF to +240ºF
  • ASTM E96 (proc. A) - Permeance - 0.02 perms
  • ASTM C1136 - Puncture Resistance - 25 Beach units
  • ASTM E408 - Emissivity - 0.03

A full list of specication for other products are available upon request.

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