High-Flexibility Pipe & Duct Wrap Insulation

GREENWRAP is a high quality flexible mineral fibreinsulation which is laminated with aluminum foil (FRS), foil Kraft paper (FSK), all service jacket (ASJ) or glass fibre mat facing.

It has excellent flexibility. The 1” thickness is suitable for insulating pipes as small as one inch in diameter as well as rectangular ducts, boilers and HVAC equipment.

The fibres are oriented horizontally which gives both the true ‘R’ value and acoustical values of the insulation with a vertical joint every 24 inches.

The mineral fibres recommended application temperature of 450ºF along with its re resistant, water repellent and low thermal conductivity characteristics make it ideal for numerous applications.

GREENWRAP is forty eight inches wide and available in thickness up to 8”.

GREENWRAP can be supplied in rolls or custom ‘cut to length’ pieces.

Easily installed on small areas with the appropriate adhesive tape or on larger areas, self adhesive pins and washers are recommended to prevent sagging.


  • CAN/ULC S102 - Surface Burning Characteristic - Flame Spread = 0 - Smoke Developed = 0
  • CAN4-S114 - Determination of Non-Combustibility - Non Combustible
  • ASTM C 1104 - Moisture Sorption - 0.01%
  • ASTM C 518 (C177) - R-Value @ 6” - 22.5
  • ASTM C 665 - Corrosiveness to Steel - Passed
  • ASTM C 871 - Chemical Analysis - Passed - Nominal Density - 2lb/cu.ft.

A list of available facings and their characteristics are available upon request.

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